global cross-chain

linking Crypto with Fiat

$3,75 mln. $27 mln. Softcap Hardcap 0%

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Next Big Thing in Crypto

The best of the crypto and
fiat world in
One Platform


real usage of blockchain-technology in the system

WhiteChain decentralizes the Blocks – i.e. User Histories – via a network of independent guarantors, providing an exact copy of the repository of all network information – i.e. all Histories of all Users.


— a convenient interface for legal crypto-fiat transactions

Key Markets

Each investment round allows WhiteChain to enter
an absolutely new market.

$500 Bln

WhiteWallet launch

2018 year

$1247 Bln

Real Estate (incl
citizenship by investment)

$800 Bln

FDI (Foreign direct

2019 year

$1746 Bln

Partnership market
(AML and so on)

21 Mln.Btc


2020 year


— crypto-fiat connection

The key feature of the project is the compliance of financial information and operating procedures with all banking, and local regulatory, requirements.

  • Investor
  • Exchanger
  • Buyer
  • Tokenized asset
  • Client
$4,3 Billion
  • WhiteWallet

    Decentralized account automatically checks each transaction and counterparty.

  • WhiteTransfer

    Own fund exchanges any amount of money quickly and legally within a few hours.

  • Trust Level System

    Provides easy connection of sellers and intermediaries while ensuring secure access level.

  • Finance Smart Сontracts

    Fixes right of ownership within decentralized wallets.

  • WhiteWallet Escrow

    Cross-currency transactions within the platform. Platform also has cross-border smart contracts.

  • Seller
  • Bank
  • B2B
  • Regulator
  • Escrow


— extract from a financial model

Use of ₩ coin in WhiteChain system

Amount of tokens (in $) sold at ICO rounds at this period of time.

Distribution of coins
— and sale mechanics

Total amount of issued internal currency –
$ 1 337 495 264.

The volume of maximum primary sales at all rounds — $ 328 242 849.

Rules of token

Introducing our final model WhiteChain Crowdsale 2.0
Now everyone can make their own contribution to the development of the system of a new level of crypto-transactions.


Our Events


May 17—18, 2018; Belarus, Minsk, OK16g

Discover emerging technologies & emerging tech hubs right in the heart of the New East

Armenian Blockchain Forum

April 22, 2018; Armenia, Yerevan; Center for Creative Technology TUMO

Armenian Blockchain Forum is an international educational and networking event gathering the key blockchain market players to share expertise, grow business and develop decentralized economy. The aim of the forum is to kickstart the Digital Spring in the Republic and set up a favourable environment for high-tech startups and companies development.


March 27, 2018; Russia, Moscow; World Trade Center

Industry Congress of developers and users of blocking technology and products created on its basis in the interests of the development of the digital economy.

International practical conference “PRESS-SERVICE-2017:New technologies of PR-work”

November 30 2017; Russia, Moscow

International practical conference “PRESS-SERVICE-2017: new technologies of PR-work” is a two-day practical event – a series of lectures-reports for specialists in public relations.

Digital transformation: Intellectual Property and Blockchain Technologies

April 16-17, 2018; Russia, Moscow; World Trade Center

International Conference 1.0 involves representatives of the Federal Authorities of the Russian Federation and Heads of BRICS IP offices focusing on global IP systems development and Blockchain Technologies using in IP.

Networking Evening in Moscow

October 30, 2017; Russia, Moscow

“Cryptoeconomics as a result of politics”. A discussion is planned around largest origination spots of cyptoeconomics in the whole world and the strategies of profit making in the new world.

Networking Evening in SPb

October 19, 2017; Russia, Saint Petersburg

“Cryptoeconomics as a result of politics”. A discussion is planned around largest origination spots of cyptoeconomics in the whole world and the strategies of profit making in the new world.

$3,75 mln. $27 mln. Softcap Hardcap 0%

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